Plan A, B or C?

My job is finally over. What's the plan next? Getting 4 green apples!





Does it looks like a biscuit wrapper wrapping an ink cartridge?

Hahahahahaha randoms!

A Post.

.Love Is Just Like A River.

Time's Up!

I've been working for 2 months plus already! Time really does fly when you're working on something or busying something. Have met some friends and learned how things going on outside the environment. Happiness, memories will be remembered. Currently, will be resigning. Hahaha!

My plan is to buy an Iphone after 3 months working there. Passion is the way to get what you want it, but sometimes you don't have the courage to build up the passion-ness. Hoping high, end up failure. That's what Im thinking of.
I've not been blogging much. Never thought that people are visiting my blog from few other countries out there!


Pretty girls walking down the streets. SNSD* Im waiting you guys to perform live in Malaysia!