Sichuan's quake hitz up! this(if u wan)
i got it from lee hom's blog..kakakaka(stealer)
take a look ba..

~Dear Friends,

In an instant, millions of lives have been forever changed. The earthquake in Sichuan may be China's worst natural disaster in over three decades...words cannot express the pain, sorrow and loss I feel for the victims and their families.

Your online messages from all around the world echo humanity, compassion, and encouragement. It's obvious that Sichuan's situation is the first thing on our minds and hearts these days. There is a lot we can, and will do, to help.

Ourhome China has many members in Sichuan. When the earthquake first struck, I immediately thought of you all, including our China Fan club president Eric, who lives in Chengdu. We were able to contact Eric at first notice, and we are thankful and relieved that he and his family are safe. My thoughts continue to be with all of you. You are all in my daily prayers.

Many of you have expressed wishes for a way we can contribute together, as a team. Today, the NGO World Vision set up an account especially for us called, "王力宏四川救災專戶 " (Wang Leehom Sichuan Disaster Relief Account).

You can access our account at this address:

I have made an initial deposit of 3 million NTD, and invite all of you to contribute any amount whatsoever to this fund. No amount is too small. 100% of this fund will go to the relief effort in Sichuan, and World Vision is already active there. They have already pledged an initial 2 million USD to help over 107,000 people. With our contribution we can give even more victims a chance for survival.

Please forward this address to your friends and families, and together, let’s meet disaster with strength, hope, love and unified support!



Many children died under those rubble & some has rescued
some of them has trap under few hundred hours..
luckily China is a rich to settle those things n get some food to those who lost their homes...not like Myanmar,dont let other country to help them..aihxx

so..god bless them and i need to go now...



Today..sianz,dint go school lor..xDD
n at home do my moral kerja krusus..damn suck,haven print my pics yet..paiseh to take out n print laa.......

2pid...cuting leafs z.z



n these are my dog(s)

lol.."Hi Adrian"





"miss her"


Great Experience!

2days 1 night fish...just came back home today from d place called "Kelong" a building & its far away from d beach
almost in d middle of d in d middle of d sea..!it is soo chun!we keep talking about how they build it in d middle of d ocean..=.=is soo deep & how they put those pillars in to deep bottom..>.<
we just forget abt it..
At first when we reach d harbor..& nothing nice ther..
we take a speed boat to d place...15mins ride to d building n its soo far away from d harbor!!chun!
at tht time..d wind n waves is so strong..d speed boat is in d fast speed...d waves keep hitting d boat n we are jumping n time ridding on a small speed boat..)
after some time..we finaly saw a building from far away...
14-15 mins we reach ther..
we are rushing to fish so we quickly find a spot for us to fish..coz is free fishing ther~
im d 3rd one who caught a fish..!yay!lol..hahahhahahahaha
so song wei..1st time fishing on d sea..!
fishing day n night...still d same fish tht i caught..>.<
till at night...many fishes came out n we caught some big fish...(not very big only laa)but better thn dont hv anything~....we fish till mid night 2am...tak boleh tahan go tidur father n bro still wan to fish..n they said tht morning sum1 caught a big fish...everyone is resting on d floor n suddenly a bell from d fishing rod rings..every rush ther n quickly pull out d rod...a big fish was
d next day..continue hunting for fishes..but..noting
just wait to go back home..
i got some great experience ther n....TIRED LA!!
now...goin to bed...dont feel lyk writing la..write next time ba..hahahhaha



watch damn chun..=)


Fuiiyoooh...2day rain lyk "cats & dogs" wei...whole body all tht kind of wet but not tht kind of wet...HAHAHAH...lolXXxx
wah...when i suddenly owe ppl so much wei...example money...>.<~bday present~alot la...aihhxx
dont noe how complete it & feel sorry abt sum1....~hmmh~
emo-ing sumthing & ar??!!kill myself???lolXx
i just watched the Singapore movie..."Ah Long" damn funny n stupid show...hahahah!!laugh till tummy laughter can makes ppl laugh till cant breathe??lol~y my laughter sounds soo funny meh??lol~muahahahaxx~playin psp 2day whn tuition...~kena marah by paiseh wei..>.< coz i bring ther a lot times,nvm small matter..ahahah
exam...2 more days to go...after exam,im going fishing wit my family..sounds fun!
stay in d middle of d sea wei!!arh!!scared..lolx~later sea monsters come find me whn sleeping..hahahaha~does sea monsters xist??(how spell ad)lol~creaaappppyyyy
Im ready 4 fishing n decided 2 bring along wit my psp..sure well get bored over ther...but im worried i drop into d!ARH!!i sure jump down n get it...~take it bak oso no use..sea=salt water..."wan dan"hhhaha,few 100+ RM gone!!!lol~
Ohkay..i need to go slp ad...11.23 pm!!!2molo got pd paper sap sui..ready a gun 4 shooting..LOL,joking only..wher can..hahahaha



Exam exam exam...hate it..haizzz,bo bian
still need to pass thou...
noting up dis few
now also noting 2 write..dont noe wat 2 write oso...noting big happen these few days..hahaha
just do well in exams..=)


2day...go skull as usual..tis morning,we finally took our class photo & tht 2pid teacher suddenly ask my class stay in d tapak perhimpunan..we all tot we are having "spot check"aihxx..
After,pris,kah hoe,ben,& marilyn goin to do our alam sekitar thingy & im not goin home till wit pris teman marilyn go home...thn after tht i n pris go makan..~2pid pris din finish d food & ask me help her to eat..aihxx=.=~after eating..find marilyn thn go padang take those 2pid photos...we all laugh and scream wei~jajajajajajajaja...crazy ass shit wei..=.=