Fuiiyoooh...2day rain lyk "cats & dogs" wei...whole body all tht kind of wet but not tht kind of wet...HAHAHAH...lolXXxx
wah...when i suddenly owe ppl so much wei...example money...>.<~bday present~alot la...aihhxx
dont noe how complete it & feel sorry abt sum1....~hmmh~
emo-ing sumthing & ar??!!kill myself???lolXx
i just watched the Singapore movie..."Ah Long" damn funny n stupid show...hahahah!!laugh till tummy laughter can makes ppl laugh till cant breathe??lol~y my laughter sounds soo funny meh??lol~muahahahaxx~playin psp 2day whn tuition...~kena marah by paiseh wei..>.< coz i bring ther a lot times,nvm small matter..ahahah
exam...2 more days to go...after exam,im going fishing wit my family..sounds fun!
stay in d middle of d sea wei!!arh!!scared..lolx~later sea monsters come find me whn sleeping..hahahaha~does sea monsters xist??(how spell ad)lol~creaaappppyyyy
Im ready 4 fishing n decided 2 bring along wit my psp..sure well get bored over ther...but im worried i drop into d!ARH!!i sure jump down n get it...~take it bak oso no use..sea=salt water..."wan dan"hhhaha,few 100+ RM gone!!!lol~
Ohkay..i need to go slp ad...11.23 pm!!!2molo got pd paper sap sui..ready a gun 4 shooting..LOL,joking only..wher can..hahahaha

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