Aihxx...suppose to go church today..But i ffk again..-.-
Im plaining to go today coz my daddy having dinner tonight and my mom will drive me to church..
Lets go back tml...afternoon~tot that daddy having dinner on sat so i can go church at sat night...Suddenly daddy called my mom said that having dinner tonight..!!(sei lor)
Until today..tot that going to tel my daddy im going church tonight..but I don't get a chance to tell and i dont know what to say...scared to tell also
Stuck there..then my mom said better don't go today...aihxx
So i called kah hoe that im not going today...=(
What a plan..-.-

Nothing much to post today la...
and thats all..=)

When You Believe.

Many nights we pray

With no proof anyone could hear

And our hearts a hopeful song

We barely understand

Now we are not afraid

Although we know there's much to fear

We were moving mountains long

Before we know we could


There can be miracles

When you believe

Though hope is frail

It's hard to kill

Who know what miracle

You can achieve

When you believe

Somehow you will

You will when you believe


In this time of fear

When prayer so often proves in vain

Hope seems like the summer birds

Too swiftly flown away

And now I am standing here

My heart's so full I can't explain

Seeking faith and speaking words

I never thought I'd say



They don't always happen when you ask

And it's easy to give in to your fear


But when you're blinded by your pain

Can't see you way safe through the rain

Thought of a still resilient voice

Says love is very near


You will when you believe

You will when you believe

Just believe

You will when you

Believeee yeee yeeeee~~~yeah!

I like this song.=)


This is the time of my life...=)

Today is the worse day of my life..
did big,worse,and said wrong things...
but i know everyone does that before..
BUT...i will promise to buy a new pendrive again and I WONT BREAK MY PROMISES(but some i will drag it sometime due to personal reasons)
and is damn suck that to someone that dont trust me and is too bad you know!!
Just telling the truth is that wrong???Telling the truth very "fan" meh...???
Dont get it why man!!Just dont get it why~!
WHY MAN!!???
IF i can read ppl's mind..IM GOD!!!
Know someone's thought and can help them in their problems or what or anything la...=)
But i not that type of ppl that can help ppl to solve..i know im suck la=)
but seriously cant...
Other then that..i dont mind ppl calling me bad things...BUT dont use it too much la pls..-.-
Seriously day i really fck ben up if he keep doing like this shit.I dont really like ben's attitude ad...dont know in the phone~polite la~asking questions~polite im a piece of shit man.IT really pissed me...Sorry la if i said too much~but is true...
Im not for you to be used..Im not for you to play with...Im not for you to saying shit to me...
I wont show my angry face to everyone la ofcoz..sooner or later thinks that im a small minded...
Play means play la..dont play too kao~and i wont play too kao ofcoz
Anyways...~pris~be strong!!i know you can~marilyn~dont heart broken..SMILE!..dont cry because it passed..Smile because it happened!!=)~kah hoe~SO SORRY bro=( lost your pendrive and sleep well la...dont sleep in the class too much dude..~ben~"speechless" even thou you are my best friend...change it la feels better when you changed it(Can ignore if you wan) comment=)
Just need to pray lo hor..=)
Im going forward to the future!!...and let sad and bad things go~Study hard can go overseas..=)
Even thou Im lazy!!!and dont let my laziness control me!!=)



What a day..=)

Finally I done my template thingy ad..Smile=)
Total i change 6 templates ad..dont know why...=)
Just because of kah hoe la..-.-need change loo^^but finally i changed also xDD,what ad day today..sports at school...2days I was staying back in school..cant get a chance to have a nice bed and sleep wei..=_=damn tired and need my bed xDD
This afternoon...I went to makan with prisy after school...wanted to go ben's house de..aihxx~then prisy is alone and I finally chose to go with her~teman her go makan...although i still have to makan..=)
The Match!! my class team..=)i did a stupid thing way suddenly sub me back in team~and im not really ready pass me the team shirt then i tried to put it on...MANA TAU...that 1 rosak ad..head or shoulders part mixed up togather wei..sien la..til i put it on..the referee BEEP...hahaha~haven touch the ball yet you know!!beep ad oo!!walao eh..~hahaha damn stupid~malu sial..-.-
But in the end we lose and we dont care about it coz is just a game man..=)
no worries..xDD
I have to end here ad..i wil update as soon as posible for the readers who read my blog..=)



LOL...i was making my template..=.=
damn complicated la..aihxx
slowly find out the problems now..many things to setup~mafan..=.=
nothing or no new post after I done my template till nice and easy.=)

Cambridge English test...=)

Damn...just finished my Cambridge English test today~just finished my speaking test in thus also...dont know what is the result yet and I dont really think is goood...the worse thing is the listening test~damn hard to hear what is the conversation are they talking about and those answer is sooo tricky..almost the same answer,so i just try my best to do it la...=)
British speaking accent...walao eh~not easy to catch up what are they talking about..-.-they are played by a CD player..and it is repeated each question twice...I've got a question that i seriously cant get it...just tembak is from Cambridge and it was not easy tho...from 9 am to 1pm...
I hope that i can get high marks lease 80 above gua..=)
Anyways,i tried my very best to do it..^^v
After that...i went home with my friends car,
Today i enjoy a great time with my cousin tho...hahaha here and there coz we playing Monopoly...haha~is a fun game,learn how to earn money from buying properties...^^
~laugh till my throat abit pain already..~
Play till half..we went out to old town yim teh..till 12am somthing
We are planning to go watch that funny movie called "kung fu panda" dont know when is going to watch...=)
I feel so sorry that i last minute cant go to kah hoe's camp...and he belanja me Zan that time because i said that im going to camp....Anyways,Sorry kah hoe...i delayed it so long-.-
and i will belanja you back also can and owe you a present also..=)
OKay..i chao liao..



went penang just for food...=)

Went to penang just for my father's fren punya son wedding dinner..aihxx..
we went ther since friday..ate alot ther
At night having delicious food in town n near sunway hotel..damn alot things to eat ther!!chun..xDD~eat chee chong fun~har mee~kuay tiao~mixed pig porridge(I MISSED IT)..u noe why~i tot i finish my mee 1st thn i go order~whn finished my mee..wanted to go order..mana tau CLOSE LIAO..!!!aihxx~wasted..
We rent a van n bring us round da penang...(is not da 1st time tho)
sian...going bak da same place
da last time i went is just 2 or 3 yrs ago..n i still remember wher we been b4..
& ther is a place is new..da place tht kena tisunami b4

In our hotel..we sawDATO LIM KUAN YEW punya car...hahaha

having dinner wit my phone..xD

Laksa wei..YUMMY..wanna eat again
Noting 2 do in da ma..lyk tht loo

AHAHAH..guess wats on my head..xDD
LOL...My free spa^^me and my cousin..on da left is me..xDD