What a day..=)

Finally I done my template thingy ad..Smile=)
Total i change 6 templates ad..dont know why...=)
Just because of kah hoe la..-.-need change loo^^but finally i changed also xDD,what ad day today..sports at school...2days I was staying back in school..cant get a chance to have a nice bed and sleep wei..=_=damn tired and need my bed xDD
This afternoon...I went to makan with prisy after school...wanted to go ben's house de..aihxx~then prisy is alone and I finally chose to go with her~teman her go makan...although i still have to makan..=)
The Match!!..in my class team..=)i did a stupid thing today..soy way suddenly sub me back in team~and im not really ready yet..so~he pass me the team shirt then i tried to put it on...MANA TAU...that 1 rosak ad..head or shoulders part mixed up togather wei..sien la..til i put it on..the referee BEEP...hahaha~haven touch the ball yet you know!!beep ad oo!!walao eh..~hahaha damn stupid~malu sial..-.-
But in the end we lose and we dont care about it coz is just a game man..=)
no worries..xDD
I have to end here ad..i wil update as soon as posible for the readers who read my blog..=)

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