went penang just for food...=)

Went to penang just for my father's fren punya son wedding dinner..aihxx..
we went ther since friday..ate alot ther
At night having delicious food in town n near sunway hotel..damn alot things to eat ther!!chun..xDD~eat chee chong fun~har mee~kuay tiao~mixed pig porridge(I MISSED IT)..u noe why~i tot i finish my mee 1st thn i go order~whn finished my mee..wanted to go order..mana tau CLOSE LIAO..!!!aihxx~wasted..
We rent a van n bring us round da penang...(is not da 1st time tho)
sian...going bak da same place
da last time i went is just 2 or 3 yrs ago..n i still remember wher we been b4..
& ther is a place is new..da place tht kena tisunami b4

In our hotel..we sawDATO LIM KUAN YEW punya car...hahaha

having dinner wit my phone..xD

Laksa wei..YUMMY..wanna eat again
Noting 2 do in da ma..lyk tht loo

AHAHAH..guess wats on my head..xDD
LOL...My free spa^^me and my cousin..on da left is me..xDD

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