Cambridge English test...=)

Damn...just finished my Cambridge English test today~just finished my speaking test in thus also...dont know what is the result yet and I dont really think is goood...the worse thing is the listening test~damn hard to hear what is the conversation are they talking about and those answer is sooo tricky..almost the same answer,so i just try my best to do it la...=)
British speaking accent...walao eh~not easy to catch up what are they talking about..-.-they are played by a CD player..and it is repeated each question twice...I've got a question that i seriously cant get it...just tembak is from Cambridge and it was not easy tho...from 9 am to 1pm...
I hope that i can get high marks lease 80 above gua..=)
Anyways,i tried my very best to do it..^^v
After that...i went home with my friends car,
Today i enjoy a great time with my cousin tho...hahaha here and there coz we playing Monopoly...haha~is a fun game,learn how to earn money from buying properties...^^
~laugh till my throat abit pain already..~
Play till half..we went out to old town yim teh..till 12am somthing
We are planning to go watch that funny movie called "kung fu panda" dont know when is going to watch...=)
I feel so sorry that i last minute cant go to kah hoe's camp...and he belanja me Zan that time because i said that im going to camp....Anyways,Sorry kah hoe...i delayed it so long-.-
and i will belanja you back also can and owe you a present also..=)
OKay..i chao liao..


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