Great Experience!

2days 1 night fish...just came back home today from d place called "Kelong" a building & its far away from d beach
almost in d middle of d in d middle of d sea..!it is soo chun!we keep talking about how they build it in d middle of d ocean..=.=is soo deep & how they put those pillars in to deep bottom..>.<
we just forget abt it..
At first when we reach d harbor..& nothing nice ther..
we take a speed boat to d place...15mins ride to d building n its soo far away from d harbor!!chun!
at tht time..d wind n waves is so strong..d speed boat is in d fast speed...d waves keep hitting d boat n we are jumping n time ridding on a small speed boat..)
after some time..we finaly saw a building from far away...
14-15 mins we reach ther..
we are rushing to fish so we quickly find a spot for us to fish..coz is free fishing ther~
im d 3rd one who caught a fish..!yay!lol..hahahhahahahaha
so song wei..1st time fishing on d sea..!
fishing day n night...still d same fish tht i caught..>.<
till at night...many fishes came out n we caught some big fish...(not very big only laa)but better thn dont hv anything~....we fish till mid night 2am...tak boleh tahan go tidur father n bro still wan to fish..n they said tht morning sum1 caught a big fish...everyone is resting on d floor n suddenly a bell from d fishing rod rings..every rush ther n quickly pull out d rod...a big fish was
d next day..continue hunting for fishes..but..noting
just wait to go back home..
i got some great experience ther n....TIRED LA!!
now...goin to bed...dont feel lyk writing la..write next time ba..hahahhaha

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