The life in class today!!

OHHKAY.....learning how to post in blog,and dont know wat to write in oso..-.-~lets start here,i never write down my all stuff n rubbish b4 and this is my 1st time doing it..hahaha,if any wrong sumwher...tell me i change it~so tht i know wher is my mistake lor..xDD~today...wat am i doing in school??SLEEP loo!!Is soooo boring n sucks,almost half of the students in class were absent..i think less thn half gua....wateva la-.-...i was fooling around in class,disturb pui yee since i have noting to do,laughing around lyk baaaaboon only~xD~and tht time ben was sleeping lyk a pig n i laughing over there,suddenly he wake up n 'diu' me liaoz....emo punye ben~so i diam..after tht i go disturb pui yee....i know her so long now only know why she's sooo fat!!she lyk to insult ppl fei po..since primary school,now her own self jadi FEI PO ...i laugh till i row down on the floor wei..>.<~sien man!i keep cha her till school over wei..xDD~i hv a great laughter today in class~just becoz of tht "FEI PO" lol~god blessed me^>^

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