Tooo late

WHY???why lyk tht de!!!i still remember wat did kah hoe said to me(in feb tht time)..."why not go tell her tht u lyked her"-.-...y i dont go tell her...but at tht time i was still haven 100% let tht gurl go yet n another thing tht it is i dont wan to get d rejecting feelings again..."is damn fcked up"till now is too late to let her noe...coz she is in love wit a guy n d guy was my best fren i wont be a spoiler to spoil their feelings n all tht,i must step out 1 step n let d blocking road to be unblocked!! She'd better hold him tight n give him all the love,i shud be happy to see u all happy 2gather..Smile even tough my heart is aching,Smile even tough is breaking~I just said wat i wana say thts all..
Is complicated..Well~do wat i suppose to do n may d God bless me all d time...

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