Sorry im bad.

How I wish there's a time machine that can bring back the past, said nothing, did nothing and never had happened to me, I damn regret what I did in this year and it was all shits, (kanasai!!). Sorry la if I did something wrong or what to someone that are hatted and ignored me so "well". What to do, already hate and ignore me so "well" I cant do anything about it also. If can just die far far away la. So what, I just cant control myself only and dont need to talk bad about me ar? Keep it yourself can ar? And dont simply say something bad to me, I can prof it everything was not what you think. I just think too much and cant control myself. Too bad la. The old say, try to forgive and forget(if this wasnt rubbish). Can hate or dislike me forever also BUT dont need to talk bad about me la kanasai. I know "sorry" wasnt working also, maybe I was born to be hatted or what. Or some attitude problem, just feel sorry. Dont know will end up like this also. I will go far far away also and dont worry i come and disturb.Chinese like to say "Today cant know what will happen tomorrow"(kam yat em chi thing yat si), maybe our life will be short or long, or maybe this and that will happen in this world, maybe there will be a world war 3 tomorrow. Who knows, just pray hard only. Just hope that will forgive me and forget the past. ITS ALL ABOUT NG JESS LYN only.. nothing all.!

Thats all.

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