August 23, rainy day. There were 2 Unbelievable things I had met today. The 1st thing is I finally got my results from Cambridge English PET test, also can call it as 1119 test, it was unbelievable. The results, damn! Narrow fail..!! What the fark!!! I dont get it why I got NARROW FAIL. When I was doing it, those questions aren't hard though, yet I got NARROW FAIL, my marks was between 66 to 70%. Passing mark was 70%, just few more marks only, why the examiner dint give me extra marks=(.. The bad thing was I dint get any certificate from the Cambridge. So? I have to take the exam again and get higher marks =) wish me good luck..

The 2nd unbelievable thing was... I met Dato' Lee Chong Wei in Lemon Garden Restaurant in Shang hotel. Me & my family were celebrating my mom's birthday in the buffet restaurant (actually today not the exact day la). When I was grabbing my food, I saw some one, a guy that I had seen before. It was Lee Chong Wei, beside me. I was stunned for few seconds, & explore his face again. Its really him. Lmao. I wanted to have a hand shake with him but, its not the right time. Many people dint really notice him, he was grabbing food too, lol.. What a small world, met him in these places. Why not I meet Lee hom in kopi tiam xD. Besides that, I loved the food there..omg! Many things to eat there, too me, food paradise =). Haha. Eat alot, & I enjoyed alot there. The food, the smell, yesh! After my dinner, I went to Chong Wei's table, was thinking about taking photo with him. Until I went there, it was already crowded lmao. So have to line up though =), & finally xD.

This picture was taken by my brother, as you can see Dato Lee Chong Weh(left) & Me ofcz(right) & my lil bro(bottom). Damn, he suddenly pooped out in no where, spoiled the picture weh. Damn(again) xD.
(click it to see clearly)

Yesh! He did show his silver medal. Fuuuaahhhh..=) Damn! Gold even nicer though, he only get silver. World no. 2 badminton player, impressive =) Wanna be like him? If you wan, start training now. Train everyday, every hour. Lol, maybe you're the world 3rd badminton player..(dont dream la) xD.

My English test weh. Sad, the next exam must be better then this time though, I have to work hard, forcing myself to STARDY lol. Not just this, my SPM.!! AIhxxx...
Ill just stop here la.=)

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