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Top 4..(friends)
The Rules:

-Don’t change your top 4.
{Xiang: why not top 5? lOlx}

-Be completely honest…
{Xiang: im a very honest person..xD}


how long have you known this person?
Erm..2 years? YEa!

Where does this person live?

Is this person older then 15?
She's same age as me..=) SOoO? Is older then 15 la!!..xD

Why is this person on spot 1?
She's MY "SISTA"...xD

Does he/she have any sibling?
SHe got a "pretty" sista!!...xD

Do you have any classes with this person?
=_=... Damn!! sHe's same class as me..=)

Priscilla Tay Ern Ying...

what noise reminds you of this person?
Monkey's voice..xD
(why so serious)

Does he/she have any siblings?
She got a sista & a very very very small brother, yet very big..xD

What school does this person go to?
The only twelve school in subang jaya..

Is this person athletic?
YEsh!!! She's A STAR of.......a star ..=)
dont play play..she can run as fast as an aeroplane xD
(why so serious)

What do you like most about this person?
fuahlaueh? nice question..

Has this person even spent the night at your house?
She dint even come to my house before...==

Phua Kah Hoe

What is this person’s nick name to you?
Phua Phua..or Phua "squre"...=P

Have you done anything illegal with this person?
Yesh..Maybe Not...=)

What is this person’s stereotype?
"DTS" true surround xD.
Powerful mouth for speaking..=)

What song(s) remind you of this person?
Bla bla black sheep pika pika boo...xD
but this song reminds him someone too...=)

Do you trust him/her?
Is 1+1=2?

How did you meet?
Using my eyes..=)

Benjamin Leong Kian Jin

Who is this person’s boyfriend/girlfriend?
FUah...Dai Sou~ Tay Zhi Lin..=)

How long have you know this person?
From 2006 ~ now..=)

When’s the last time you saw this person?
The last time I saw him..=)

Dose this person have crush on anyone?
hAhAHahah... maybe got? or maybe not..=)
He loves her lou po very much, sure wont de la..xD

If you were to go six flags would you take this person?
Sure if I got the amount of money la, bring all my bros to Florida Disneyland's six flag roller coaster...CHUN!!!

How did you meet?
Same question again?!!!??!
Same answer again..=)

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