Man & Woman.

Why every woman thinks they are smart, powerful or even live without a man.. You see.. these 4 letters "woman" If they realy live without man.. What will happen? "WOMAN" and live without a MAN...
It will left the WO only... WO WO WO WO WO..it sounds like ready to die & cant call them woman liao..xD hahaha just joking only=)
If man live without woman...no problem =) EXCEPT for those man need woman just for sex la xD.. Man will still stay firm and strong.. Without WO. We are still a MAN lo..
*This is just a short lame post or whateva you wanna comment it..=x Hahaha... JUST to release my boredness..=)

And so.. "SPM" Freakeningggg soon in Nov 11 ... Ready for the tickets??? Lol... Dont miss it, Nov 11 is a big day that could kill someone =x

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