Jay - Capricorn

Jay - Capricorn(full) DownloadHere!

Hahaha..too free, so...upload songs
For those who dont hv full...can dl here.. Rip from ori CD..xD

6 papers down!! 2 to go!! Yesh... is like, OVER ALREADY...
And yea.. the blog skin, decided to change it in xmas feel.. It takes me long enough to find though....== Those that I found was like rubbish. This I found it and I edited it..=)
Let it snow Let it snow Let it snow ...=)
wrote a short little song..
Another day, without your smile
Another day, just passes by
Now I know, how much it means
For you to stay, right here with me.

Actually this is from a song from westlife..ahaha
I dont wrote songs, if I do...I STAR ALREADY..xD

Got this from jia hui's blog... SEE HOW FAST YOU ARE!!

48 words


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