Just a simple one.

When Im thinking of posting these pictures up, it takes me a long time and why should I post these up. And its lame or stupid I know, but to me is just a simple pictures and nothing special that I have drawn. Seriously nothing better to do me..xD Yea these all pictures are drawn by me, using pencil. There's date as you can see is in October, quite long ago. These are just simple pictures like me, just a simple and ordinary guy with nothing to be proud of, and dont have any talent. Short of xD.

At first I dint think of drawing her name on my own table, I was just fooling around at first, then I started thinking of something that I could draw down. And BOOM, just came out in my mind and there it is. Priscillatayernying

There you can see, it slowly changes into something. It just like roots, tree roots. It remains growing and forever. The roots will continue growing, wont stop growing until you cut the heart off. What would happen if we could have any dreams. Can prove everything..

"See the tree grows"

And im thinking that myself a coward. Im not brave enough, or anything else. Im a guy.. am I?lol
Yes I know Im crazy. Just waiting............ for answer? Dame....whats the problem with me.
Till the end, it has been erased by me ==

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