Wishing everyone here a Happy New Year..!

Well??? I would like to wish everyone here a Happy New Year. A "NIU" year ...xD
Year Of Ox. Haha. In Mandarin pronunciation. As cow, "niu". =D
Im home and not going anywhere to countdown, waiting for the NEW YEAR to come. Few more hours to go 2009. And I hope that the next New Year is better than 2008. Remain peace and joy (kinda). xD
A new year, a new begining, a new life, a future is coming foward. Time does fly, not just fly..skip.
Skipping those memorable memories.
I owe phua a meal, and I wont break my promise (but sometime does to xD). Im off now.. Once again... Whising everyone in this world a Happy New Year and God Bless Us. For those who are partying somewhere, take care. =)

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