"Zhai Jian"

Well??? Few more hours.. say bye bye to Xmass already. Dame fast rite?
As time goes by when you are working something hard or doing something.
Aiya.. Tomorrow is my undang test. Babi takut fail and yet lazy to read or do questions.
Had a good time this morning and yesterday. A great Christmas eve party with friends and family. All gang in my house yesterday, more than 40 peoples I think.. Pun tak penuh... xDDD Semua nak makan aku lamb jer...xD No lamb, they wont come...==" Karaokay till moring 5 am. Babi freaking high. Homemade club. But not as good as those club outside, homemade is much more cheaper and safe. HAha. SO do come my house and have some fun..IF we are celerbrating any ocations or parties. Whats the plan on my next birthday. 2 more months?? lol..
Enjoyed. Once again, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Got some pictures but lazy to upload it. Biasa la tu xD. Kay Ciao!!

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