LeeHom Music Man 2009.

LeeHom Music-Man 2009 Live @ Bukit Jalil Outdoor National Stadium ( NO AIR-CON ). Should be in Putra Stadium, but not!!. Lmao.

Once again :), M-MAN brought along his custom-made secret weapon the “Bahamut” to Malaysia which was suspended mid-air before the start of the concert. The concert officially started at around 20:45. The show began when M-MAN slowly descended from his spaceship and opened the show with “What’s Wrong With Rock!!”, followed by “WHY”, “花 田 錯” and “龍 的 傳 人” . M-MAN introduced the “Bahamut” that came all the way from Ireland to KUL tonight. Well, in fact, what was so special tonight, was the “father” of “Bahamut”, Alistair, was present at the concert! Alistair worked day and night for 3 months to create the “Bahamut” used at the concert, and this was the first time Alistair seeing the “Bahamut” roaring on stage in Asia! Than there was 2 microphones were set up on the stage – one is an ordinary mic, and the other mic warps the sound when one speaks into it. Again, M-MAN kept switching between these 2 microphones while he was talking to the audience, “I am MUSIC-MAN! I am not Ironman, Batman, Superman….I am MUSIC-MAN!”.M-MAN said he was happy to be here at Bukit Jali and bring this M-MAN tour to Malaysia. He shared with all that he has always loved those cartoon heroes and he wanted to be one of them so he chose to be M-MAN! His guitar is called the “Bahamut”, and his job is to save the music world. He will always try out new music styles, no matter it is Chinese rock or love ballad. So next on his song list was 心跳!!! “Heart Beat” from his latest album.

While singing “Forever Love”, Leehom went down the stage carrying his “Bahamut” to get close to and shake hands with the audience. People in the audience began to crowd the aisles along the stage before finally a mosh pit formed. Later on when Leehom returned to the stage and ended the song with his “Bahamut” playing, he told all that he missed everyone so much! He was glad to transform from MOVIE-MAN (he was filming “大兵小將” in China for the past months) back to MUSIC-MAN. He was glad to see all his supporters again who gave him “安全感”. After this song, M-MAN disappeared from the stage while the LED screen showed a “naked” M-MAN with the "subtitles" of “當 MUSIC-MAN 卸下英雄的外衣,也只是一個需要愛情的普通男人”across the screen!

Later on, M-MAN changed his outfit and sang “第 一 個 清 晨” . Then it was time for the always satisfying “流 淚 手 心” and “如 果 你 聽 見 我 的 歌”. Everyone harmonised with Leehom. Afterwards, Leehom brought everyone from Bukit Jalil to Tibet where he sang and danced with the sexy dancers during “竹林深處”, “女朋友”, and”愛的 得體”. Then it was time for a short break for Leehom.

There was this special host from no where came out amongst the audience and asked all to join her wishing M-MAN an early Happy Birthday! Later, Leehom returned to the stage after changing into a new outfit and introduced his “Change Me” band… First, “小力” said he has been really sad and pretended to sob! LOL …because the “Change Me” band broke up ever since the main singer 王力宏 went to Yunnan for his movie project!!Lmao... But now, he was happy that 王力宏 found time and invited them to perform on stage together tonight! Then “小力” started playing “Change Me” on the drum-set and even shouted “Yeah I can do it!” Lol. Leehom was so funny and everyone just burst into laughter downstage! And Leehom played his magic again as the ultimate "multi-tasker" ..being the drummer, guitarist, bass guitarist and soloist all at the same time.

After that, comics of Indiana Jones, Batman, Superman, HULK, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, 007, Lara, Ironman, Spiderman, and MUSIC-MAN were displayed on the LED screen while dancers were dancing on stage.

Soon, Leehom reappeared on stage with his violin. We all knew it was time for him to sing/play “Wish Upon A Star” and “落葉歸根” with video montage of clips from “Lust, Caution” showing on the LED screens at the back.

After this song, Leehom told all that he performed “Wish Upon A Star” many years ago while he collaborated with the KL Symphony Orchestra, where he was inspired by this song. He shared his dream with all…which is simple…to share his music world with everyone. Leehom said he has got many dreams like making movie and giving concerts, etc... He wished everyone good health, Malaysia to be Swine Flu – free, and also reminded all to wear face masks if feeling unwell! LOL. In the next hour set, Leehom sang and played “一首簡單的歌”on the piano. At times, he walked to either end of the stage while everyone in audience sang along with Leehom. Then he played more songs including “你不在” and “唯一”. Personally, I felt this was the best “唯一” live performance that I have seen at the M-MAN concerts so far… really touching and his high notes were just perfect! LOL

“愛的鼓勵” was next on the song list. Everyone got high and clapped their hands while Leehom’s fingers flew over the keys of the piano! I was totally amazed when seeing him playing on the piano with one hand only! XD

And after Leehom singing “大城小愛”, Leehom noticed many fans flew over from various countries to see his performance tonight, and he could see fans’ specially made light boards downstage. He greeted and thanked the fans (by countries) one by one…HK, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Australia, etc. and last but not least, Malaysia. Leehom said he apologized if by chance he missed greeting any other countries. He expressed his gratitude to all who came from different countries…he said all these countries constituted as part of his world, and he wanted to take all on his musical journey and tonight he would like to share his real world with everyone. So he sang “Can U Feel My World”, followed by his new song “No Reason To Pay Attention To You”. And while he was rapping “在梅邊”, he disappeared from his magic box on stage and reappeared at the centre of the stadium, walking up the centre aisle and that surprised all! Everyone was pushing on the side and wanted to get close to Leehom despite security was lined up along the aisle, so it took Leehom some effort to walk back and I could see Leehom was trying to protect his “Bahamut” haha.. on his way to the stage!

M-MAN came back for the second set unleashed! He sang ”蓋世英雄” , and “心中的日月”. Everyone applauded his bravo performance, and exuberant clapping and shouts brought M-MAN out of an encore, where he sang “放開你的心” and “愛你等於愛自己”and that brought us to the climax of the night! Everyone was getting hyper and even Leehom asked everyone to join him to stand up and sing! He even joked that everyone has to keep standing since that was just the start of the concert haha…how I wished wei..xD

Leehom specially sang happy birthday song to Eric (haha, that was a bonus to us! One more song from Leehom!). After that, it was our turn to sing happy birthday song to Leehom since Leehom’s birthday is just around the corner! So 25,000 audiences sang happy birthday song together to our birthday boy! And at the same time, HOManiacs handed Leehom a birthday card and a specially made “DIY” VCD with “172 seconds of birthday wishes for Leehom” from fans! Leehom thanked everyone downstage. And knowing that the time was ticking, we knew that it was time for the very last song…Leehom said he wanted to kiss everyone but due to the outbreak of swine flu lately, he was refrained from doing so by the organizer. So he had to resort to sing “Kiss Goodbye” instead and the show ended with the reprise of “What’s Wrong With Rock!!”. At the very end, Leehom thanked his bandmates who are familiar to previous M-MAN concert-goers... Kheng Long on the keyboards, Jingles on bass guitar, Jamie Wilson on guitar and Eric Fawcett on drums, and his backing vocals. And just like that, the concert was over!!..

At that time some of those crazy fan's shouting for encore. It just not coming out again. Lmao. So than my friends and I wanted to move to the front stange and have a look, but at the end we can't..!! lol And I saw someone got caught by those security force because a guy brought video cam? (at that time everyone was really looking at him) haha..xD
We slowly walking pass the stage and left to the exit.

This.. Suddenly came out from no where and we cant see him walking to the back,
were I was at the back. I saw him.. lol. few meters away..xD

More pictures......

Lazy to upload it..xD

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