You're the Insparation.

Its been awhile I dint update this blog and no one reading my blog already. Currently doing nothing so I did this..updating now..=P
Im not up to anything these days. Just staying at home passing day by day. I dream about someone that I missed and inspired , someone that special to me or maybe not. Lives is unfair, you cant get what you want , but at the end you're getting something you dont want. Aihx.

Lives are not infinity, lives have not many 10 years. Why dont just living on happly. =D
There is a song.. "Smile though your heart is aching, smile even though is breaking"
I bought a CD 2 days ago, and like those songs in it. Its a David Foster & Friends CD. Those singer are brought up from this David Foster Warner Bros , a famous song writter , song producer , co-producer. Now I know he the one who brought up Celine Dion to be famous.
In this CD have lots of oldies and classical music, I love classical music especial music with piano , violin, sexophone or others. =D
Few artise that I only know, like BabyFace, Michael Buble , Peter Cetera , Charice( saw her on Oprah Winfrey show) , Celine Dion , Kenny G , Josh groban , Brian McKnight and some I just reconized the artises song but not the artise. All these singer are those super high tune voice, I like it..XD I love to sing but I cant...=X

Erm. I need A NEW MOTHER BOARD FOR MY DESKTOP...!!! Dame...LOL it got boomed..

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