Wishing my Papa a Happy Birthday!

Today, is the day when my father was born. February 8th, four days after mine. Wishing him a Happy Birthday, may your days getting more and more better than before! & with many returns! Health is the most important of course.

Just came back from a celebration dinner at a new Japanese Restaurant, Umai-Ya near IOI Mall, just opposite the IOI Mall, the Boulevard! Very beautiful there indeed. With the super high end designs.

Went there without my camera, no pictures...aww =( But will get there another time and with camera for sure! The food there, was awesome! The freshness of the food, the taste of the food, the environment, the interior designs. Totally fantastic! Prices? Reasonable, with the quality of the food.

We were special served, with the recommendation from the boss. We never order from the menus, just wait to eat! hahah

Wanna have a try and look out how awesome it is? There's a map. :D
They have other outlets too, they have an outlet near Damansara. Thats all I know.

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