Dream High!

*Knock knock!* Is anyone there blogging this blog?

Hehehe me! hahhahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lol

Anyway, its a very tired week coz just shifted to a new office. Been working/shifting/cleaning the office from morning till 10 at night.
Guess what? I saw BigHit Entertainment opening for global audition and I sent mine already! I can't believe that I did that though..haha! What aspired me to do that is what I had a dream what I want to be. A vocalist? *Am I a fool?* "There is no foolish dreams in this world" =X

Anyone wanna try listening to my voice? The song I sang is Wang Lee Hom's One World One Dream. My chorus part is a bit crappy. Wanna try listing it? Here to download it. haha No video, only sound...crappy sound! hahah *embarrassed* ㅇㅅㅇ"

Last week's 2AM showcase wasn't I expected. Sucky sound systems, bad location(freaking pillars blocking my view), and the screams from those crazy fans, the place is closed up, not like open stadium which the sound won't trap inside the indoor hall....

That's for today. Sleep...*Yawns*!

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