Nothing special today.
Like normal school day life, but one thing, prisy brought her cake to school and ask us to finish it. kns wei. xD That time I was so full(again) because this morning I drank to much "High Fiber Fruits and vegetables juice". Fuah, manyak healthy wei.xD
But end up I ate also, takan I say tak mau ma, lol~
It is chocolate banana cake I thing, dont know whats the name. But I recommend to eat chocolate mud!! Its really mud, and to those chocolate lovers must try it if you dint try before. =)
Is abit smaller size and expensive, less then 2kg i think.
And today our school have a sejarah seminal and I thought it will end at 2pm, mana tau end at 1.10... and yet I called my mom to come at 2. hehe~ and after school time me and prisy have lunch in fatty hoo. hehe =) manyak full and went home still eat porridge wei. Im going to fat. =_=

And this. Phua Kah Hoe(Mr. Puah) get it from yannie's blog because im too free.!! xDD

HeHe. Thats all. =)

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