Happy Birthday Gurl. =)


Happy sweet 17 Priscilla Tay Ern Ying. =)
Friday,19/07/91 and today, Saturday,19/07/08 the day when so was born, Prisy Tay.!! =)
Wake up at 10 something, and the english class today was cancel, and I can sleep longer tho. =)
So went downstairs and have my breakfast, ask mom to go now and drive me to pyramid.
So.. Reach there ant 12.30 something..why I go there so early.? lol, because I wanna choose a birthday card for her. *Smile* Watch Batman at 3.30~ 3.40 something only went in the wei. Missed the front part, but never mind..We late because we gave some/little/not big surprise for her in starbucks xD and too bad I dint get any pics from that moment.. AIhxx =_=
Just got the cake's pic only..Singing the the starbucks, hahaha chun. Had a great time today. =)

The same wishing and the same thing that I said to you again. =) 17 only la...not old wei xD. Enjoyed today hor? May the god bless you everyday to be happy and pretty forever, hehe...=) The hamsters..quite expensive wei..xD~but I bought you at the end because I promised you already. =) and the card hope you'll like it ya..(still owe kah hoe and ben's present)hehe. =)

The cake looks so delicious and I dint get a chance to eat it because I was so full that time. 2kg cake, I guess is almost RM70. Sorry the pic is too big, because the stupid posting system cannot post pics suddenly. Ahixx

Thats all.=)
EEEEEEHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..joker's voice of laughing.

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