We had seni today in school, and we did some washing in the seni room.(only the basin)
Lol. Because we dont have much time to do others and some more need to clean the table also.
Me, sy, ks, fikri, azmi, ammar all brushing hard to clean the basin.. is damn clean now, almost like.. brand new one. xD
Left right left right.. all the paint came out but some is harden like stone pulak. =_=
Hope this friday wont dirty back again, and we wont wash again.. =)
And And And...!!!
Nuffnang...!!!! suck wei, earn 75cen only..y not 75€ or 75 pound xD...(cant find pound symbol)
sooo damn slow..babi betul weh, but I did earn some..better then nothing.. EHH..EVERYONE!!IF YOU COME IN AND YOU SEE AN ADVERTISING THING OR WHAT..CLICK IT PLS..LOL~ hahaha. so that I could earn money. As well as I will click yours too if u have it. xD hahaha. thnks first. =)

That's all. =)

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