Top view: 1 ride, 3 crash, 1 splash, 1 china cymbal; 2 bass, 2 toms, 2 floor toms; 1 snare; 1 hi-hat

Can have a great performance with this fabulous full set kit..=) chun wei
what also got..babi!! lol but the colour of the drum not very nice. dont like this colour.
But this quite expensive especially the 2 bass..=_= put in double pedal more chun..^.^v
Haiyaa...I also haven reach this standard yet..not even seriously get to learn it la..=( babi betul la nii..aihxx

103 days left to SPM liao...time is running fast if you dint realize it especially when the time you're busy or doing something else..the time run damn fast. =_=
Now I just try to do many many past year's questions paper. Trying not to be lazy. And planing 2 weeks finish all work.(only objectives) xD and this is what my friends are planing =)
Finish liao then we well exchange books to do. =) I dont know I can finish it in time or not because im a lazy person.. xD muahahaha till now still online weh. =_=

29th july, prisy's baby girl hamsters died.. The last time I saw & touch it was on that day in school. Kinda sad la, because I bought it not long ago. The 1st day I touch it, it was like a size of my thumb, is damn small that time. Hehe. Now left the male alone. And I promised if one of the hamster died I'll buy her back =). yes i did bought her back..(i just give her money this time). Hehe. She said her friend gona buy for her, and I'm not free to go out to buy. =) Just pray hard they wont die again. =_= and im not a money printer& i dont plant money. xD muahahaha.!

Pray hard, Study smart.
That's all. =)

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