Beijing Olympic.

Beijing Olympic is coming..!! Few days more to go loo =)
08.08.08 a nice date to start the olympic games.
Maybe I'll support athletics or basketball!! hehe. haha.
Athletics olympic sport has started since 1896 and basketball started since 1936. =)
Wow...all chinese in Beijing are so proud for them self this year because their country has many powerful players and having Olympic games in Beijing. Those Olympic songs also nice and the Hong Kong TVB gave them a few music video sang by TVB artist,(not to say 'give' them la) dont know what to say la. xD

Heard that the eclipse is coming out, I think we wont see it in Malaysia because this total eclipse of the sun Friday should fascinate millions of lucky skywatchers in Greenland, Siberia, Mongolia and China. However, looking directly at the sun, even during a partial eclipse, will damage your eyes unless you wear proper eye protection. It is extremely dangerous to eyesight to look directly at an eclipse at any stage expect during totality. Too bad we cant see it, how damaged =_= I never see a shooting star before also. People said that if you saw a shooting star that means you'll have a lucky wish that will seriously dream come true.(dont know really true or not) If I get a chance to see it or get a chance to make a wish..I will wish that I could be together with the girl that I love forever and protect her, wishing my day will always be happy, a happy family & friends, and i wont wish for money xD hahahaha. Maybe a little? *cheh* =)
Wanna subscribe astro on demand.. because the new drama series damn nice seriously, and if subscribe liao I cant concentrate in my studies again. xD aihxxx..damn!

That's all. =)

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