TRX Strong Crashes!

Take a look at these crashes..=)

Extra heavy with a brilliantly polished, unlathed playing surface, the TRX BRT Series has a focused, high-frequency spectrum and an intense, powerful sound. However, even though it provides increased presence and projection in high-volume, high-energy drumming situations, due to the rich, multi-faceted tone of our B20-Plus alloy- and the skillful hands of our expert cymbalsmiths, the BRT Series is also extremely versatile and incredibly musical.


Incorporating thicker, heavier castings, a raw bell and a micro-lathed playing surface with multi-level hammering, the TRX ALT Series is a new standard of sound for a new generation of drummers. But ALT Series cymbals are not just stronger, brighter and more responsive than conventional midrange cymbals‹ they have been carefully designed and custom-crafted to offer drummers an all-around alternative for today's more aggressive modern and mainstream styles. Chun..=)

& see the settings..

Medium weight with traditional-style lathing, buffing and hammering, the TRX MDM Series is an all-purpose line developed to meet a diversity of contemporary musical needs. MDM cymbals provide exceptional sound and performance in a variety of general drumming applications bringing the superior quality, consistency and individuality of handcrafted Turkish cymbals to today's young but discriminating drummers.

But too bad cant find it in Malaysia. I think. :D

The basic..and flat..=)

Standard Set...hehe

SPM SPM SPM...How could I wish to end it now!!! haizzz..
Waiting waiting waiting...damn scary ler..!! babi betul la nii..=_=
Cepat cepat habis more suang loo!! Can do what I wanna do already..hmmh.

That's all :)

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