You Make Me So Hot.

Went back from English class today,
laughters and enjoyments,
after class,
the weather is just like in the oven,
with an empty tummy,
thinking something mystery,
dont know what am i thinking also =_=,
rushing back to fill in my empty tummy =),
online time =),
spm is here just right the corner,
stayed inside my "cool" room,
preparing my subjects,
wondering what happen if finished spm.=)
thinking what am i suppose to do or settle,
paying back that i owe someone gua..=)
ready to drive,
ready to work,
ready to go church,
ready to play,
ready to learn drum from David Chua(i think can),
ready to eat as much as i can.
This is the time of my life,
need to start do and say something,
thinking how to do it tho,

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