The whole world, I mean the whole Malaysia, those who born in 1991 were talking about the National Service thing of cause. Haha. Lucky thing was I dint selected on the ns thingy..
School friends, arguing with the ns thing because they selected, so lucky, if kena 4D more lucky loo..=) Haha. I had checked more then 2 times. Because at the 1st I sms it dint reply & my friend said usually very fast. I thought the sms dint really sent, then I resend again.. Third time was ordered by someone to sms again =_=. The answer still the same, "maaf anda tidak dipilih . . ."
& the last sentence.. "jika berminat silla hubungi . . ." Babi betul...why should I minat =_=.

Yes. These few days doing pd & hope to past it & reading
Twilight.. is hard to explain why I wanna read it =) haha. But I'm dint wanna finish it fast because I dont wanna buy the next book, but yet still going to finish.. It was an interesting story though. Kah Hoe, he got a 7-11 mouth, know why? Because his mouth wont close, 24 hrs craping, bullshits all over(& im allergic to bullshits though). But he got a power mouth to speak, to shoot people down, to twist people's thoughts, what a talented speaker. Haha. Ahixx, sorry la if this hurts you but its the fact xD. I read the Midnight Sun.
It was a story about Edward, his thoughts, his mind reader, What he thinks about Bella. Reading everyone thoughts but yet a girl that he was trying hard to read her mind but still empty. Sad, dont know why la, need to read the fourth book only know why he could not read her mind.

First Sight. Do everyone believe in first sight? What is "First Sight" actually? Not just fell in love with a girl or a guy. Maybe something influenced you, or him/her got the body shape, got the good looking, something just popped out Dont know what he/she thinks about you. Takkan you go to tell him/her that you like her & confess you fell in love with him/her. He/she thinks you crazy after that. Confessions..damn hard though, dont no what to say, dont know what to tell, dont know what to do. Think before doing it, if not end up with a failure, or dont dare to face him/her. If you're belonged to someone, dont try to fall in love with a guy/girl, seriously its very bad if you done it. Your partner will damn hurt and really wasted if he/she love you very much, care for you, worry for you, think for you, buy you stuffs and more.. Dont so stupid to go back to him/her that broke up with you, waste of time. What am I bullshiting these stuffs weh =_=, not a dr. love also, not a perfect guy also dare to type those down(read this part if you want).

Because I had seen many kinds of situation like these, & movies are also example. Losing love ones, see how they fight for it, go through the suffering ways. Feel so sad. I know if you lose your love one, & it was hard to let go at the end, it took days to let go or maybe longer then 1 yr, but still need to fight for it. We dont have the power to control time, appreciate the time when we were still alive! To me I just like girl, no girl like me before xD. Maybe im ugly, ben likes to say that(listen till sian ad), but I dont care what he said & what they said. Like the song from Leona Lewis-Bleeding love (the song that pris fav & seriously she keeps bleeding..xD), theres a part. "I dont care what they said, Im in love with you."

Who cares. So what, why get angry that someone insulted you. Ask the insulter to see the face from the mirror 1st laaa, if dont have mirror Ill pee on the floor as a
mirror, reflection from the pee so then can see the 'face' loo (not saying ben la ofcz, he's my buddy ma, but sometime I really hate it though..just be open minded abit lo..maybe is the fact..god gave me this face so I appreciated it.) Insult people's face that polluted the place? AHHHCHHIIUUU.....sorry im allergic to bullshits..=) Haha. Hor? Marilyn? Why should you waste your good emotions? Where is your good emotions? It will kill all your beauty cell weh.! Why wanna waste your breath to get angry at those bullshit-ters.. =) Haha.

Complains from parents.. drinking but not smoking..=) I dont smoke, hated it. I drank more.. the
7-11 store will open.. xD Haha. Heard from my fathers friends, which is my neighbour. "Drink can drink, but dont lost control" means those drunker will use things to hit you.. They told my parents... let those children do what they wanna do & try.. dont let them do/try it secretly... more worse... "belum try, belum tau...skali try hari hari mau"..=) Haha...=)

Shit lo..taken when i was copying answers..xD


I was like.."oh..icic." Haha..=)


Haha. Pencuri...!!!

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