"Welcome to Beijing".

Can you see a word on the logo? Its a "Jing" word in chinese. "Bei Jing"!! Actually was it was a human running. But in different side of angle as you can see a chinese word there.
What a good idea & design. =)

Finally. Beijing Olympic blast the whole world. Everyone was so excited and happy for that. Those people in China was so proud of them self. Having the 1st time Olympic games in their country. Just watched the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony in the biggest stadium in China (National Stadium). Seriously is damn big. It was awesome!! & so so so high tech. Fireworks flying every where like fireballs. Their performance that I had never seen before. Their marching were so perfect & a big screen on the floor, all done by humans. No machines at all.
Waves and stuffs. All done by humans.

There's a part, all countries are walking out to the stadium & gather in the middle of the stadium surrounded by few hundred thousands China girls, dancing none stop, kesian them weh. Haha, many countries that I never heard before(I almost fell asleep at that part). The 6th country that came out I think is Malaysia & I dint see our PM or what over there. Did I?LoL...Wth, & not many people at all..=_=. The most powerful country.. United States Of America! Almost the last country who came out & the most people walking with their country. Lopez Lomong of the United States Olympic men's track and field team carries his country's flag to lead out. Black and white mens walking out. Waving Bush.. Wow &&& I saw Kobe Bryant!! Dint notice Lebron. I think i missed it. Did I?

And the last.! The last country walks out. China!
Yao Ming.! Holding he's country's flag. The tallest guy and the 1st one walks out & he was walking with a little child(the child was rescued out from the Shichun's one of the school rubble). Two of them..funny, Yao was so damn tall & the kid was so damn short. Looks so funny. =)
The supporters in China. Much more people then USA few percent only.
Walking a big round in the stadium. From the top view looking down, all was like small tiny little ants walking around in the stadium.

Total 204 countries in the middle of the stadium. Just imagine that so big amount....kanasai. Hacken Lee were talking at the background & with a few TVB artist. The most "chun" part was the sports man flying on top of the stadium, holding the fire torch & fired up the biggest torch on top of the roof, just like superman. Lol. Hanging on top & the roof was seriously damn high from the ground. If I do that...FUAH!! i'm just like hero only..xD Everyone in the world watching me..=) "Stop dreaming la".. xDD
I forgot what's his name, he got many gold medals weh..silver also. Famous sports man.
Then later on the Beijing president walks out and have a speech. "Welcome to Beijing" he said. Lol. Shouting and applause were made by the people in the whole stadium. Counting down with hundred thousand of people again...hitting a light box dont know what is that..and made light waves, wordings, & numbers. The box was so special, when hit it the boxes will lights up.. An amount of people hitting it & counting down with numbers as you can see from far. Fireworks start to shoot up again & made the sky damn bright.

Hope that our country.."Malaysia" can get gold medals or silver or bronze..
Our badminton player.. Lee Chong Wei..
"Malaysia boleh!!!"...apa pun boleh la..rob pun boleh..bunuh pun boleh...curi pun boleh..tipu pun boleh..."makan" duit pun boleh.. LOL
Memang all pun boleh.. xDD . So beware of "Malaysia" kakaka. Got a chance to go overseas, sure I will go..xDD hahaha.. Although I was born in Malaysia.. I will..=)

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