Lazy to study again..=_= Now update =)
Just bought a new CPU 5k plus if im not wrong...core 2 quad..=)
Hehe.. these are the pictures..xD
But it didnt worked properly.. so still fixing some errors =)

Fuah...Asus asus =)

Silent Knight cooler =)

It glows in the dark...(is just light) xD


Bala ba ba ba...=)

Coke from Paris...

Just for display...=)

Trials trials...=_= How to pass...!!!? Die lor? If the damn SPM paper lost already, they will take my trials results ler..arh!!!!! That's nothing I can do... Just pray hard those question that come out, hopefully I can do or I know...=( My Mighty god..please help me..=( =(=(

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