Lee Hom is having a concert tonight...but is in Taiwan. 7 hrs+ left, wishing him here all the best for the concert..=) Im waiting for the next concert in here..hope it will be...
Yesh.. dint go school today, stayed at home and had a good night sleep, suang.
My uncle & is coming back from US this afternoon, actually he reached and stayed at HK for a week, if im not mistaken..=) So I had to let them sleep in my room.. Aihxx..cant sleep my own bed already..=( but never mind haha.. & I ask him to buy an itouch for me, hope it will be in my hand today, if dint buy..nvm=) wont get upset also la..xD

These few days, dying for the tvb drama series, Moonlight Resonance(Tong Sum Fung Bou Zi Ka Hoe Yiut Yun). Story? Watch it yourself, is damn nice seriously. It will make you laugh, or sometimes make you angry or sad, it will repeat & repeat the same thing. =)
Ending with applause, love stories, family stories. Chun. 5 more episodes to go, I know exam is coming but this show is really make you dying for it..xD Hehe.

Ending theme song by Raymond Lam, Love with no Regrets.

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